You can purchase the CD “Susie, tell me a Story!” by Susanna Borsch which include my piece “Instan’stillation” from here!

2014年に作曲したリコーダーとエレクトロニクスのための”Instan’stillation” が、

Susanna small CD

Susie, tell me a Story! is about seven composers writing a musical story for recorders and electronics. Susanna Borsch, assisted by musical liaison David Dramm, weaves together these seven compositions into an exciting narrative: Is it a theatrical concert? Perhaps a musical adventure? Just call it the most exciting quest for a bundle of recorders, ever.

1. David Dramm – I woke up blind (08:20)

Felipe Waller – Paramythical Encounter:
2. I. Invisible Blindness Unseen (01:08)
3. II. Gnostic, Prophetic, Barbaric (01:46)
4. III. Visionary Encounter with the Double Bodied (01:26)

5. David Dramm – ‘Did I mention that this is a story? I (00:53)

6. Oscar Bettison – Bird Forms on a Neutral Background (06:33)

Felipe Waller – Paramythical Encounter:
7. IV. Vivid Reflections of the Mirroring Mind (01:58)
8. V. The Swinging Chair Premonition (01:32)

9. David Dramm – Did I mention that this is a story? II (00:41)

10. Kate Moore – House of Shards and Shadows (11:18)

11. Michiel Mensingh – All Work and No Play makes Mike a Dull Boy (04:22)

12. David Dramm – read a poem once. (00:26)

13. Guus Janssen – Rocking Chair (05:57)

14. David Dramm – What’s he grumbling about? (00:15)

15. Akiko Ushijima – Instan’stillation (09:32)

Felipe Waller – Paramythical Encounter:
16. VI. Scintillating, then Earily Melting (01:57)
17. VII. Mantric, Archaic, Prosaic (03:52)

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