List of work

List of works

solo instrument (with/without electronics)

Lumière saturée [2021]
trombone, soundtrack  dur. 9min.
Written for Kousei Murata
performance : 24th of March 2021 in the Suginami Koukaidou Tokyo, Japan


Texture/form [2020]
pf  dur. 8min. ca
Written for The Japan Federation of Composers
performance : 15th of March 2020 in the Tokyo Opera City, Japan


Chatoyant for classical guitar and electronics [2019]
classical guitar, soundtrack  dur. 5min.
Written for Gaku Yamada
performance :
21th of November 2019 in the Menicon ANNEX hall, Japan
30th of October 2020 in Tokyo concerts Labo
23th of February 2020 Mid Japan Festival
20th of March 2021 Tama Music festival online
sound :


Glare for violin and electronics  [2019]
violin, electronics  dur. 5min. ca
Written for Yuka Sato
performance :
30th of June 2019 in the Monten Hall, Japan
26th of October 2019 Maximum vol.4 in sonorium, Tokyo, Japan
11th of January 2020 Tama Music Festival, Japan
sound :


Glare luminance [2016]
bass clarinet   dur. 9min. ca
performance : 2nd of April 2016 in Japan


Instan’stillation for contrabass recorder and electronics [2014]
contrabass recorder (paetzold) , electronics  dur. 10min. ca
Written for Susanna Borsch with the support of the Fonds Podium Kunsten Nederlands
selected ICMC 2014, Musica NOVA 2014
performance : 5th of March 2014 in Sprender Amsterdam, Netherlands
29th of March 2014 Ogen/blik in Loos studio, Hague, Netherlands
15th of September 2014 ICMC 2014 in Athens, Greek
31th of October Birmingham recorder festival,UK
8th of November 2014 November music festival, Netherlands
8th of January 2016 Abdijconcerten Aduard, Netherlands
19th of January 2018 Linz,Austria
26th of October 2019 Amsterdam
31th of October 2021 Chamber Remix in Cologne, Germany
sound :


Where the giraffe is – Drawing Music – [2012]
percussion solo  dur. 5min. ca
Written for percussionist Wen Hsin. The score was written by graphical.
performance :
4th of June by Wen Hsin in Royal conservatoire of the Hague, Netherlands
of June by Wen Hsin in Royal conservatoire of the Hague, Netherlands
10th of July 2021 by Ross Aftel in Taiwan


floating vapor [2011]
Alto saxophone  dur. 10min. ca
performance :
12th of June 2015 by Kazuya Kato in Japan
25th of July 2015 Hiroshima, Japan
21th of February 2016 Hiroshima, Japan
16th of August 2016 Saxophone festival in Chill
2nd and 4th of May 2019 Blue Gallery in New York
25th of July 2019 Hiroshima, Japan



chamber 2-8 instruments (with/without electronics)


The Garden in Movement [2021]
clarinet,accordion   dur. 6min.
Written for R&A ( Ryuta Iwase, Tomomi Ota) with the support of the Arts for the future
performance : 18th of June 2021 in the Tokyo Opera City.


High Time High Tide [2012/2021]
ob. cl. hr. bsn. vl. vla. vc. db  dur. 8min.
Written for 9×7 project of Asko|Schönberg ensemble.
the piece was reviced for ensemble nomad in 2021
performance :  20th of April 2012 in Rotterdam.
21th of April 2012 in the Hague
22th of April 2012 in Amsterdam
12th of May 2021 by ensemble Nomad in Japan
sound :


La mémoire inconsciente [2021]
v.cello, piano, soundtrack, video  dur.10min.
Written for Ogen/blik vol.4 with the support Arts council Tokyo
performance : 28th of February 2021 by online concert


Iridescent clouds [2019]
2 alto sax. dur.9min.  published by foster music
Written for Maki Kasai and Norie Sano
performance : 9th of December 2019 in Nagoya,Japan
of January 2020 in Tokyo,Japan
29 of of January 2021 Tokyo,Japan


Sea and Memory and Time [2017]
vl. pf. per. video dur.10min. ca
Written for festival of Assembridge NAGOYA
performance : 9th of December 2017 in the concert “Long night in MINATO” in Japan
4th of March 2020 stony brook in New York


S.S.S. -Phantom Music- [2011]
2vl. 2vla. 4percussionist dur.8min. ca
first performance : 11th of November 2011 for competition of JFC


Distorted Melody [2010]
cl. pf vib. v.cello db. dur.3min. ca
Written for Bang on a Can All stars
selected Excellence composers competition(Expert Level)
performance : 21th of April 2010 Korzo theater in the hague, the Netherlands
22th of April 2010 Korzo theater in the hague, the Netherlands
17 of June 2012 Bang on a Can marathon concert in world financial center in New York
23rd of July 2013 New Music from Japan in Massachusetts Museum, USA
18th of April 2014 Bang on a Can All stars concert, stony brook, New York
19th of November 2016 ARS Musica festival by Bang on a Can All stars in Belgium
2nd of February 2018 Moscow, Rossia
26th of September 2020 Born creative festival by ensemble Nomad in Tokyo Metropolitan theater
12th of May 2021 by ensemble Nomad in the Tokyo Opera City, Japan
sound :


Nagashima music excursion [2017]
vl.1 vl.2 vla. v.cello  db.
Written for Kuwana strings ensemble
performance: 26,27 of October 2019, Japan
24th of October 2021 Japan
13th of March 2022, Japan


Organ Soup 2 [2006]
vl.1 vl.2 vla. v.cello
collaboration piece with Makoto Nomura who is composer, musician
March in 2006 Art Curcus and Zoorasia, Yokohama Minatomirai Hall, Japan
22nd of February in 2022 Piazzola night in Toyonaka art hall, Osaka, Japan


multimedia piece 

The day of parallel [2014]
vla. pf. soundtrack, video
performance : 29th of March 2014  Ogen/blik vol.1 Studio Loos in the Hague, Netherlands


flash [2013]
vl. vla. soundtrack, strobe light  dur.6min. ca
performance : 24th of April 2013 in the Hague, Netherlands


fixed media 

Reflected ray [2021]  dur.5min.

performance : 2nd of October Born creative festival, Tokyo Metropolitan theater


Undulation [2020] dur.6min.
performance : 13th of December 2020 Nagoya Electroaciystic Music Concert online


Cosmonica [2012] dur.9min.
performance : 3rd of December 2012 in the Hague, Netherlands


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